About Us

We're a group of people a lot like you - we love our dogs and cats and want to get them the best products and services that exist today! Sometimes it’s hard to find the best pet supplies or services and even when you find them they can be very expensive! We started Coupaw to tell other people about some of the best pet services and retailers we could find, and to arrange some great savings for all of us!

FamilyPet.com started Coupaw in the summer 2011 when after moving to New York City one of our founders hired this incredible professional dog walking company. After praising this company to all his friends the dog walking company provided him a discounted rate for bringing in so much business. This is when the idea took shape; find the best pet stores, pet retailers, pet services or anything PET and get friends and pet lovers to join together to create fantastic deals. We love our pets and want to give them the very best. Coupaw was established for pet owners and pet lovers to find the latest and greatest pet deals across North America.

As of August 2014, Coupaw.com was acquired by GreaterGood, which operates the highly charitable Animal Rescue Site™, and works to raise funds for many charity partners through various online actions. This recent acquisition allows the two organizations to join forces so an even greater impact can be made on the growing pet industry across the United States and Canada. In celebration of this great union: going forward, every order placed on Coupaw.com will provide 6 meals for rescued animals in need – that’s 6 bowls of food!

Coupaw is a part of the familypet.com network Greater Good