Orapup: Bad Breath Eliminator Kit

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Orapup rids your pup of bad breath by having your dog lick good tasting cleaning solution from the Orapup ultra-soft bristle tool.

Bad breath in dogs is just as offensive as it is in humans, probably even more so. With people, it is easy to get rid of the bad breath, simply by using a toothbrush. For pups, this task is a little more difficult. Now with the Orapup Cleaning Kit, ridding your dog of his bad breath is easy as can be. The Orapup Cleaning Kit is an innovative breath freshening tool. No longer do you have to struggle with pet toothbrushes to aid in achieving fresh breath. Get the Orapup Cleaning Kit today and help your pet gain fresh doggy breath once again.

  • Free Shipping with this offer
  • Deal includes: 1 Pink OR Blue OraPup Brush + 1 (2 oz) bottle of Lickies (Beef/Bacon flavored; 20 uses per bottle)
  • Equipped ultra-soft, pointed bristles designed to deep clean your dog's tongue and loosen smelly bacteria
  • 4 Inline scrapers collect and remove bacteria, helping to cure bad breath
  • Apply the tasty Lickies flavoring to the brush and watch your dog lick away its own bad breath!
  • No Forcing Needed
  • Use daily for best results

  • Cannot combine with any other offer
  • Limit 10 Per Person
  • FREE shipping with this deal
  • USA residents only
  • Please allow 6-8 business days for delivery

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