LillyBrush Pet Hair Removers (Mini and Regular)

Easily remove pet hair, lint and even muddy paw prints from any surface in your home. Think of it! You’ll no longer have to...


AS LOW AS $9.95

shakeTrainer Dog Obedience Tool

Stops your dog’s unwanted behavior in 7 minutes or less-Guaranteed. Fast & extremely effective for Dog obedience training....



Dog Treat Dispensing Party Ball

Now your furry friends can enjoy treats while they play! This Party Ball dog toy dispenses treats as it rolls all over the pl...


AS LOW AS $7.95


USA Large Beef Tendons (5-Pack)

Dogs go crazy for these all-natural and crunchy treats. Aside from being a great natural source of protein, you won't find ...



Talking Hedgehog Plush Dog Toys

If you're looking for the perfect plush toy for your active dog, you've found it in this fuzzy and talkative hedgehog. With ...


AS LOW AS $5.00


CLEARANCE: Wigzi Stuff n' Throw Ball Dog Toy

This USA Made ball has two treat pockets inside. Stuff a soft treat in and throw. The treat stays in and your dog will chase ...



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